All Things New

Well this is an interesting exercise. I’m just muddling my way through working out this word press thing and, as all new things can be, it’s a little challenging! The computer is a cold hard device that is not in the least bit forgiving, there is no way through except to bite the bullet and keep on trying with and occasional swear word to ease my pain 🙂

I had thought to just quickly set up the site and then I would be on my way to blogging heaven but alas, I got stuck the minute I began and though I want to pull my hair and run screaming I did the wiser thing and phoned a friend for help. Sometimes simply connecting with someone else in those very early stages when doing something new can bring me back on track instead of spiralling into ‘it’s all too hard’ territory.

I remember what it felt like to set up a facebook page, how hard it seemed to design a business card or make a poster. For my generation it doesn’t come naturally as we weren’t raised with this technology but I would say to anyone out there thinking “where on Earth do I begin?” – at the start, and just keep on going till you get there. Naturally, it’s going to be uncomfortable as all new things are outside of your comfort zone, and worrying about whether it’s good enough is bound to happen, but as they say…you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit!

She was unstoppable