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Souzi D. Wilson reveals her story of growing up the daughter of Greek Macedonian migrants, navigating ethnic taboos, hoping to be seen as a ‘good girl’. She breaks free to discover cultural expectations are not the only persistent bumps on the road to fulfilment. A transformative journey of passion, seduction and strength wrapped in original song.

Backed by her sensational band, The Cool Mints, the songs feature some beautiful ballads, cool jazz and blazing blues, a Macedonian Folk song, and even a tune of Middle Eastern flavour in this all original repertoire.  

Performed by: Souzi D. Wilson

Band: Jack Strempel Musical Director/Piano, Steve Wilson Guitar, Tim Bowen Bass, Larry Todd, Drums

Written By: Souzi D Wilson

Director: Amelia Ryan

Producer/Dramaturg: John Glenn

Consultant: Elizabeth Ellames

Original Music: Souzi D Wilson, Jack Strempel, Steve Wilson

Costume: Dee Todd

Photo Credit: Claudio Raschella

The show debuted at Nexus Arts to sell out audiences at Adelaide Fringe 2021 with a four star review from Clayton Werner of Clothesline Magasine:

Good Girl Bad Girl mixes original music, Souzi D. Wilson’s personal story of a child of Macedonian migrants, growing up, coming of age and married life – the whole shebang of her life. So you’d expect autobiographical with lots of cultural references, both to that of her parents and to that of the surrounding, mainly Anglo culture of the time (thankfully we’ve moved on at least a little in our acceptance of other cultures).

Souzi is nothing if not an engaging story teller, whether that be spoken word or through her own songs – singing of different aspects of her life. And she uses simple but effective costume changes to great effect. She also has a knack of finding good chorus lines even in sometime difficult songs. The show is well crafted word and lyric wise and the backing band, a four piece jazz ensemble, do a great job of laying a suitable foundation for her songs. And the dynamics of the show as well – well thought through in terms of bringing an audience along with her to the crescendo!

We hear the story of a young Macedonian ‘good girl’ growing up in Australian suburbia, where family and doing the right thing (which back then could include arranged marriages) was pressured out by the need to fit in and conform with the friends of her youth. Of course ‘good girls’ don’t sing or perform on the stage, nor hang out with musicians, or smoke, drink and all the rest. So then we get the bad girl – building up the courage to take singing lessons for the first time as a mature adult and eventually getting onto the stage as a backing singer and having her own band.

Souzi has a powerful stage presence and clearly can belt it out, but it was in the lower registers that there seemed to be some pitching variance – which I suspect has more to do with her not being able to hear herself in the fold-back mix than anything else. None of that mattered to this audience who were simply delighted by Souzi and her performance and gave a deserved standing ovation as she left the stage.”

4 stars

Clayton Werner

Here’s what some of the audience had to say about the show:

“Souzi is nothing if not an engaging story teller, whether that be spoken word or through her own songs…And the dynamics of the show as well – well thought through in terms of bringing an audience along with her to the crescendo!”

“Saw this show last night and it was fantastic. Souzi Wilson takes us on her personal journey with a mixture of the spoken word and original songs, Cabaret. So artfully mastered together, full of humour, and deeply moving moments, with her beautiful notes ringing out richly. Loved it so much. I laughed and cried.” Prema Joy

“I’ve just seen Souzi’s show, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL. I was blown away! Truly it is a sensation. Souzi’s voice is exquisite, the story enchanting and the message of living your passion, truly inspiring.” Sally Jamieson

“Beautiful, brave, vulnerable and heartfelt. I had the pleasure of seeing Good Girl Bad Girl tonight starring the talented Souzi Wilson. I laughed and I cried and thoroughly enjoyed the show.” Dianna Dawson

Yes, It was a sensational performance.  Highly recommend getting along to this show, Souzi is engaging, exquisite and exciting! And the band is so, so GOOD!  I’m going back next Saturday to see the show again Just Brilliant!  Elizabeth Ellames

“Incredible. The most amazing, heartfelt show I’ve ever seen and such talented musicians too. Loved it “ Tina Renfrey

“Thank you  Souzi Wilson for a fabulous night of entertainment. Great music, fantastic heartfelt lyrics and vocals.” Angela Maher 

This show was incredible. Souzi takes us on a very personal journey. I laughed, cried and was deeply moved by the music and voice of this incredible woman! Last night was sold out and I just bought another two tickets for next Saturday; So, so great – if you are in Adelaide, I highly recommend! Natalie Stuckings

“Beautiful songs, fantastic story, so very beautifully told and sung.” Lance Perriman

“This show is a real masterpiece Souzi – something to be so proud of, many women will relate to themes and scenarios that show up in your story and amazing songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it last night.” Cherie Rowett

“Congratulations Souzi Wilson ! Your show last night was superb! I loved it! Awesome and inspiring!” Susie Tribe

“Bob and I had the privilege of seeing this sensational sold out fringe show last night Good Girl Bad Girl. Souzi D Wilson performs a very personal journey of original songs strung together with vulnerable emotional funny and heartfelt story. Supported by fantastic musicians. Souzi’s voice is divine and she is one sassy woman.” Deborah Floyd

“Wow Good Girl Bad Girl beautifully done sista Souzi. I loved the light & shade, strength and weakness, assertiveness and submissiveness, fabulous music, script, stage presentation, etc, congratulations to all involved, and thank you for a wonderful, evocative, entertaining, evening “ Christine Petkidis

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