This song poured forth just as I joined a group of women ready to stand up and lead the way for a better world and it immediately became our anthem (see: Unite Your Light, our future is now).

It is my heartfelt desire that these songs (on the album) will ignite and inspire people to rise up and make a difference in this world. We can make a change, yes we can.

Self explanatory, yes? As the chorus goes “…You gotta do your thing, do whatever it is that inspires you, with all your might, take flight, close your eyes and let your spirit guide you.”  That’s it really, go for it! Dream big. Don’t let anyone tell you not to bother or it’s not worth it – you are the one who knows what it is you have to offer and you have to trust that it is of value to someone. When you express yourself creatively it is coming from your spark of divinity, if you can let go of judgement and see it for the gift that it is you can get on with giving it out!

This song came about through the personal/spiritual development I was doing at the time and it made me really see that some of the behaviour or habits that I had were not so great. This discovery led to a point where once I could admit the behaviour, I could then forgive myself for it and it was so liberating! It took courage to recognise it, but you cannot improve something that you don’t acknowledge. Forgive yourself!

I wrote this song the day I turned fifty. I was so excited, rather than feeling old I felt all grown up and that if ever there was a time to stand up, speak up and be counted it was now! Ageing has it’s challenges with the pressure of images of everlasting youth constantly being foisted upon us, but when we have a clear idea of who we are and what we’re about that stuff recedes to become back-ground noise.

The message of New Family is that the old model of mother, father and 2.5 kids is just irrelevant in this day and age. The sooner we realise that we’re all connected the better off we will all be and so will our lovely planet!

This song is all about women behaving badly and how we no longer need to compete and destroy each other to get ahead. Women have lived under male dominance for so long and this behaviour was a way to gain to some sense of power, but now it is time to let that old story go and stand alongside each other and help each other grow to our full potential. When we stand together, we shine brighter, and this is how we can make a difference.

This is a song about the silent suffering of living with someone with depression but it translates to any negative situation really, addiction, abuse, it’s always better to shine a light on it whether it is a capital L or just being open and honest about your feelings and the situation.

This song is about the people in your life that you love but sometimes you just need to just tell them to “back off baby!”

The title really is self explanatory. I wrote this song at the beginning of my musical journey when it was a big step out of my comfort zone to leave my ‘day job’ and take a leap of faith to pursue a life as professional singer.

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