Souzi D. Wilson

What am I about?

I’m about living a life of passion and making a difference. “Rise Up!” and “Do Your Thing” are two songs that express the essence of my motto. 

I came to singing relatively late in life, in my early thirties. It wasn’t easy, I struggled with a major underlying fear of not being good enough, even now after over twenty years of being a professional singer the thoughts creep in and I have moments of “give it up sister, there are so many better singers than you” but then I remember why I came to it. I love it! I know it is what I am meant to do. The spark was ignited within from a young age but I was too afraid to express it.

Now, I cannot not do it! I believe if you know what it is you are here to do it is your duty to go for it one hundred percent, giving up is not an option.

Love and Unity are my mission and purpose in life and connecting with my audience literally does create Love and Unity between us.

We become one through the power of music. 

I spent many years singing other people’s songs but when I started writing my own, I felt like I had finally found my true voice, my own style. I didn’t have to interpret the song because I was the source, it was surprisingly liberating. My songs are usually an expression of whatever I am experiencing at the time, it is an amazing way of processing the drama in your life!

It is easy to find reasons for not doing things.

In early 2012 my partner, Steve, became very ill and was on the liver transplant list (yes, it was that dire). We were writing and recording the album ‘Rise Up!’ leading up to that time. It was an intense period to say the least and it would have been so easy to give up the whole music thing, the love of my life was literally dying and we didn’t know what the outcome would be. Lucky for us it turned out ok, he got a new liver. We are ever grateful for the soul whose passing allowed Steve to live. Then, eighteen months later Steve was hit by a car whilst riding his bike, I can’t begin to tell you what that phone call was like and the ensuing months after it happened. Luckily he survived that also and manage a full recovery from his injuries.

What I’m getting at is that we all have ‘stuff’ happen in our lives and it is really easy to get swallowed up in all of the drama and lose ourselves altogether. But if you know why you do what you do, it will keep you on track when the going gets tough.

I know I am meant to write songs and sing, I know my gift is that I create an emotional connection with people. Performing is what I absolutely love to do, and it is my way to transform this broken world of separation to create unity.

Don’t let life’s distractions keep you from your purpose.

Do your thing, let your spirit guide you!

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