My Philosophy

Passion and Unity

I believe we all have something special to offer and that your life should be an expression of what you are passionate about.

What lights my fire? Music! It has the power to make us feel joy, love, melancholy, motivated, just about any emotion you can think of but above all, it creates an inner feeling of connectedness, and when shared with others, we feel unity.

I’m passionate about unity and I believe the way we will achieve it is by truly loving and respecting each other as equals. Yes, I am a feminist, I believe in equal rights for all and that we still have much to do…

We can rise up and be generous with compassion and kindness. We can educate ourselves, open our minds and have less fear about people who aren’t ‘like us’. We can be courageous and speak up for those who cannot, and we can be the change right now that creates a better future.

Shine Your Light

We are here to shine our light. Every one of us. We actually are all one of the same stardust- it’s what we literally evolved from and that stardust is in every human being, animal, plant and rock on this planet, we are all connected like it or not!

When you live a life of passion and purpose you are being a star. When you do your thing and become the full expression of who you truly are, you shine and light up the world around you.

When we’re beaming the world is a better place, we don’t sweat the small stuff and we can give so much more and really make a difference.

We can make a change, yes we can.

RISE UP                      

DO YOUR THING                


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